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Feeling of Loneliness or Emptiness

Somedays are different that others but today I woke up not the same. It is weird since there is nothing out of the extraordinary today; at least that’s what I think, unless I am too blind not to see the reality. Anyway, I woke up feeling a estrange sensation in my whole body and mind. I can’t explain why I feel like that. Sometimes there is no reason at all, it just happens, or the reasons are so well hidden in my unconscious. It is Monday. So what? Let me tell you that Mondays are my favorite day of the week. In the past it was horrible not to be able to see the first kid a raised because it too far. I used to pick him up on Friday nights and drive him back on Sunday morning. That was a 6 years routine. Of course on Monday I was feeling lonely as hell. After a long weekend with him I couldn’t have enough of him, it was so incredible and all of a sudden I have to leave him. I assume many single parents go through that situation, not likeable at all. But that is in my past, hey, I kno…

Raising a Boy

My son is with me as I write. He has gotten a bowl full with fried potato chips. We just ate lunch but he seems to be hungry probably because of the fact grandpa is always willing to satisfy his whims. It is difficult to raise a child, but it seems more difficult to raise a child when he is living in his grandparents’ house. I do appreciate the effort and love they give him, however they are weak with his whims as any other grandparents. Mother even works on Saturdays which is horrible for a mother so I take care of him on weekends. Since I move out and I haven’t settled yet, I am not able to take him to my place for one night. Our relationship is strong but he knows he can have whims in his grandparents’ house because this is his territory.
I love him so much and despite the fact that we don’t live together I am most of the time with him, especially since I move closer. It takes me 10 minutes to get here. Time is not the problem when raising a kid but quality time. I Think I have don…

Energy Surrounding Us

I do not intend this post to be about superstition or things of that nature. Nor I believe in self-help bibliography. I don’t believe in any of them. I only believe in observation and experimentation. I have spent most of my life doing so. Why? It is my tendency, my nature, my way of being, nothing I forced myself with. From my perspective we all have energy which can be good or bad, negative or positive. Even if you are a nice person you might have attitudes that are negative or despotic. Irritability is also a behavior full of negativity.
Energy is transmitted all the time. The Sun is a source of energy, in good weather conditions and in quantities that are helpful depending on each living being we absorb energy, process energy and react to that energy. Too much energy can be bad, and too little energy can be not good enough. Energy is just energy, good or bad. Human beings also transmit and irradiate energy, god or bad. If you surround yourself with shit there is a humongous possib…

Bono: My New Best Acquaintance

I told you about my deal with my friend Ceci (“Iinconveniently getting out to the outside world"), it included a pet. He is always happy to see me. He jumps really high, up to mi head, like he is almost trying to kiss me. His name is Bono, Ceci´s dog. After meeting him it was ok, he stopped jumping around. I have to say that Bono is a very energetic dog. He is medium size, a mixture of breeds, probably Greyhound. I was afraid we will not get along since there are many territorial dogs and/or dogs with barking issues. No, Bono doesn’t bark, thanks God. He is very docile, though you must keep your distance if he is greeting you. I think my son will love him.
My friend Ceci is my age. She will not have kids, so a few years ago she decided to get a dog to give her some companionship. Ceci doesn’t suffer from Depression, she is fine, but like any human being she needs what any mid-size dog can offer, lots of smiles, good times, and a lot of fun. Bono was adopted. The truth is that Bon…